Q: Do you want to become a foster parent?

Do you want to become a foster parent?

I have been asked by people interested in adopting a child in the foster system what they need to do get a child.  Well the first step is determine if you wish to become a foster parent.  A foster parent is a person who opens their home and heart to a child or children in need.  Although money is paid to foster parents to take care of the child by the county, please do not become a foster parent just for the money as these children need homes more than just a room to sleep in.   There are two types of the foster parents who can take in children, one is licensed through the county in which the person lives and the second is licensed through a foster family agency. Either licensing agency is not supposed to discriminate against people for marital status, age, sex, gender or race. So if you are a single gay man, you can apply for a foster care license. Please contact me if you are turned down because of discrimination or a technicality. I can help you appeal your denial of the foster care license.