Should I file for guardianship: My daughter has full custody of my three grandchildren that live with me she is missing the Father does not have any visitation should I file for temporary guardianship and will it involve the Father

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Diane’s answer: Right now if the mother is missing and Father has no visitation rights, no one is able to make decisions for these children. My question would be to you if you do not step up for these kids who will? By applying for Guardianship in probate court you will be asking the court to be able to make decisions for these kids about their health and education. Of course since the father is still legally the father he will have to be notified about your request, but that will need to occur. Here is a link to some information that the court puts out about guardianship but I would recommend that you contact an attorney in your county that handles these types of cases. http://www.courts.ca.gov/1212.htm

Answered 3 days ago.

Am I legally adopted?: My parents divorced after i was born but my mom never put my dad’s name on the birth certificate. A test had to be done to be sure i was his kid. My mom eventually died and i had to move in with my dad. Everywhere we have to sign me up for something (school for example) my dad has to bring my birth certificate, my mom’s death certificate, and the test saying i was related. So would this count as adoption by biological parent? Or would it count as something else? (I’m also partly asking because I’m wondering if i can get free community college.)

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Diane’s answer: It does not appear that you are adopted, as your father is your biological father. I would ask him if he ever was legally declared your father, maybe through the divorce or child support case. That might help clear things up.

Answered 7 days ago.

Can I get my great grand daughter who is in foster and is up for adoption: social worker an judge said no one in the family can adopt this child

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Diane’s answer: Unfortunately this question does not list where you are from so it is hard to answer your question. Also there are not enough facts in your question to answer the question properly. If you are coming to a case where parental rights are terminated and the child has been in a foster home for over 6 months then that family will have preference over you even though you are a relative, at least in California.

Answered 7 days ago.